Friday, February 1, 2013

Celebrating the Birth of my 276 Year Old Ancestor- Mathieu Devaux

Devaux Family Crest

This month 276 years ago in the city of Marseille located in the South France, Guillaume Noel Devaux and his wife, Therese Picoun welcomed their seventh child, a new born son into the world. His named Mathieu Devaux, born 14 Feb 1737 - Valentine Day.  His baptism record was located in French Archives in Marseille, France which included a signature of his father Noel Devaux.  see below:
Mathieu Devaux
Baptism Record located in the Archives
in Marseille, France
dated February 14, 1737

 Notre Dame des Accoules, located in
Marseille, France

The family being Roman Catholic, two days later on 16 Feb 1737 took young Mathieu to a their family’s church, Notre Dame des Accoules, located in Marseille, France to be baptized. 

Mathieu Devaux, the Progenitor of the Mathieu Family (Creoles of Color) in Louisiana is Michael N. Henderson’s 4th Generation Great Grandfather.

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