Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grave Dedication Ceremony Commemorating the Patriot Service of Capt. Stephen Heard, Capt. John Darden, Georgia slave woman named Kate and her Husband named Jack.

The Unveiling Ceremony of the
Patriot Grave Markers for the
Georgia Slave woman named Kate and her Husband named Jack

October 15, 2011  in the city of Elberton, Georgia at the Stephen Heard cemetery  many gathered to commemorate the patriot service of Capt. Stephen Heard, Capt. John Darden, a Georgia slave Woman named Kate and husband Jack.

 The Georgia Society, Sons of the American Revolution including Button Gwinnett Chapter, George Washington Chapter, Virginia Society,  Samuel Elbert Chapter (Host Chapter) and Washington-Wilkes Chapter , along with the National Society Daugther of the American Revolution- Stephen-Heard Chapter (Trustee of the Historic Heardmont Cemetery -Elbert Country Georgia)  and The Kettle Creek Chapter, Georgia Society recognized four Patriots of the American Revolution, including the first female of color  named Kate.    The recognition of this woman named Kate along with  three others was a significant event.  Double click here to see Kate's Story
It was truly a proud moment for all Georgians as this occasion also honored the first and only female of Color in Georgia as a Patiot of the American Revolution.
Below are several photos that captured this day.

Posting the Colors
Ed Rigel,Sr.Color Guard Commander, Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution 
Master of Ceremonies
Compatriot Bob Carr
State Secretary, Virginia Society SAR
President, George Washington Chapter,
Virginia Society SAR
Compatriot Bob Sapp
Georgia Society
 Sons of the American Revolution
Brings Greetings

Compatriot Charlie Newcomer, III
Vice President General South Atlantic
 North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida

Patriot Service of Stephen HEARD
Provided by
Ann Whitney
Descendant of Patriot Stephen HEARD
Fauquier Court House DAR
Patriot Service of John Darden
Provided by
Dr. John Darden
Descendant of Patriot John Darden
Patriot Service of
The Georgia Slaves  
KATE and Jack
Provided by
LCDR Michael Nolden Henderson, USN Retired Vice- President, Button Gwinnett Chapter
Georgia Society, SAR
Unveiling of SAR Marker
for the Slave Woman named Kate and Husband Jack
LCDR Michael Nolden Henderson, USN Retired
Rev Sam McIntosh
Pastor, Vance Creek Baptist Church
LCDR Henderson and Pastor McIntosh 
return to their seats after Unveiling of the 
Patriotic Markers

Georgia Patriots of the American Revolution
Kate and Husband Jack
Reading of the Proclamation
Revolutionary War Service of
Governor Stephen Heard
Mr Tommy Lyon - Chairman
of the
Elbert Country Board of Commissioners

Presentation of Wreath and Honors
Compatriot Jim Lynch
Button Gwinnett Chapter
Georgia Society SAR

 William Day Chapter DAR 
Leslie Watkins

LCDR Michael Nolden Henderson, USN Retired
Vice- President, Button Gwinnett Chapter
Georgia Society, SAR
Rendering a Salute to
Georgia Patriots of the American Revolution
Kate and Husband Jack
Colonel Elijah Clark Militia, GASSAR
Renders a Salute
Ed Rigel Jr.
Color Guard Member,
LCDR Michael Nolden Henderson USN Ret.
Georgia Society SAR, COLOR Guard
Retiring the colors

After the ceremony many gathered for photos and  well wishes:

Members of the Button Gwinnett Chapter Georgia Society SAR
(L) Compatriot Bruce Maney, Compatriot Henderson, Compatriot Terry Manning
And Compatriot Lynch
Guest and Descendants of
Stephen Heard and John Darden
(L) Rev and Mrs. Sam McIntosh, LCDR Henderson, Mrs Diana Mauldin,
Mr and Mrs. Jimmy O. White

Fellow Compatriots Representing the
Virginia Society, SAR

LCDR  Henderson Congratulate Mrs Julia CARR a descendant of Stephen Heard
and wife of Compatriot Carr for her authorship and narrative of the Life of
Patriot Stephen Heard
and his association with the
Georgia Patriots Kate and Jack 
For without the Heard family's oral remembrances passed on and told today this
would not have been possible. 
We will always remember the Patriotic Service
provided by Georgia Patriots
Kate and Jack
No longer Forgotten Patriots of the
American Revolution

The actual mentioning of Honoring the Service and Memory of Georgia’s Revolutionary War Patriots  Stephen Heard, John Darden, Mammy Kate and Daddy Jack, Dionyuis Oliver and Peter Oliver in Congressinal Record.    See page 208 of 229 or in search box, type in Mammy Kate.

double click here: Congressional Record :

For the Historic Record
For additional coverage  see AJC article dated Oct 14, 2011 titled: Ceremony to honor patriotic Georgia slave woman
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
In 1779, colonial Georgia was under siege and a future governor was set to be executed by the British. But the world's most powerful army at the time was no match for a shrewd and spirited slave woman.
Stephen Heard was wounded and jailed in Augusta for fighting against the Tories in a Valentine's Day skirmish called Kettle Creek, just outside what's now Elbert County. When the woman known as "Mammy Kate" learned of Heard's capture, she rode 50 miles by horse to Augusta to help her owner. She devised a plan to wash clothes for the Tories which ultimately won Kate their trust, according to oral accounts of  the incident which took place over a couple of months. Shortly before Heard's scheduled hanging, she asked soldiers if she could wash Heard's clothes so he wouldn't die in dirty clothes. They agreed. The six-foot-tall woman toted the diminutive Heard out of the prison in a laundry basket full of clothes. She and her husband, Daddy Jack, then carried him to safety. The couple's daring escapade saved Heard who was later appointed governor of Georgia. (Heard offered Kate her freedom but she preferred to stay with the Heard family).   See more here

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Claude Thomas Pierre METOYER- A Louisiana Patriot of the American Revolution

Placed by
The Natchitoches Chapter
Louisiana Society Sons of
the American Revolution

Placed by
The St Denis Chapter,
National Society Daughters of
the American Revolution

Many gathered on a beautiful Saturday morning,  Oct 8, 2011 in the American Cemetery, Natchitoches, La for a  Patriotic grave marking of a Louisiana Patriot of the American Revolution named,  CLaude Thomas Pierre METOYER.  The two host chapters that sponsored the ceremony were the Natchitoches Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution  (SAR)  and the St Denis Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).   Both organizations placed their Patriotic markers on the Tomb of Patriot Metoyer.   Metoyer is the Progenitor of the Metoyer Family and many of his descendants were on hand to witness this honored ceremony.  Below are just a few pictures of that event.
Descendants of Claude Thomas Pierre Metoyer
 Dignitaries and Other Guest

Compatriot Tony Vets  
The Natchitoches Chapter SAR

Demon Battalion ROTC,
 State University
Presenting Colors
Pledge of Allegiance

The Honorable
Mildred E. Methvin
5th Great Granddaughter of
Claude Thomas Pierre METOYER

Descendants and Guest

Presentation of a Wreath

Michael Nolden Henderson
Lieutenant Commander, USN Retired
Button Gwinnett Chapter
Georgia Society,
Sons of the American Revolution
Claude Thomas Pierre METOYER
of the American Revolution who served under command of
Spanish Colonial Governor General
Bernardo de Galvez
(L) Fr. John Cunningham,
Tony Vets, President Natchitoches Chapter SAR,
The Honorable Mildred E. Methvin,
LCDR Michael Henderson, VP Button Gwinnett Chapter, Georgia SAR
Dr. Colleen Lancaster, Regent St Denis Chapter DAR,
Compatriot Clifford Normand, La Society SAR Registrar,
Spanish Soldier, Charleen Kennedy, Regent, Les Repides Chapter DAR
Tony Vets, LCDR Michael Henderson, Clifford Normand

Elaine Phillips Webster (5th Great Granddaughter)
 Cousin Barbara Henderson, Frances Henderson
(Aunt and member of DAR),
Karen Phillips Alonzo and Kathleen Phillips Newbill
(5th Great Granddaughters)
Back Row Cousins Jacqueline Henderson and LCDR Michael Henderson
Parents of Elaine, Kathleen and Karen,
Donald Jr, Donovan and Damon
Donald Phillips Sr. and Lucille Metoyer

A tribute to my Aunt
Lucille METOYER 
1934 - 1995
4th Generation Great GrandDaughter
A Louisiana Patriot of the
American Revolution

Many Thanks to
Compatriot Tony Vets Sr.
 For Making this an
Outstanding Event

 Thanks to the Spanish Soldiers and Militiamen
who served under the Command of The
 Spanish Colonial Louisiana Governor General
Bernardo de Galvez
We will always remember
your contributions