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Metoyer Ancestors Found On The 1850 Louisiana Census

1850 Louisiana Census

Having found evidence of  members of my Metoyer family living, born and baptized in Tampico, Mexico.  I wanted to know, if I could find evidence of when the parents of Eusevio Marie Raould METOYER CRISTOPHE arrived from Louisiana to Tampico Mexico and departed from Tampico Mexico back to Louisiana. Where there any documents established that might give some possible time period in which I might determine this?  
Here is what is known from the Baptismal record of Eusevio Marie Raould METOYER  CRISTOPHE,  It listed the date,  he was born: 05 Mar 1860 and placed: Parroquia Del Sagrario, Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico also where he was baptisted : 20 April 1861 and place :Parroquia Del Sagrario, Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.  5 March 1860.
Listed also in this document were the names of four individuals.  The parents:  Father named: Aguste (Auguste) Dorestant METOYAR (METOYER)  and Mother named : Zeferina Elina Cristophe.   The godparents were also listed:  Gustava Juan CHEVEILLER and Marie Leda METOYER.
Now since the birth and baptism dates of Eusevio Marie Raould METOYER CRISTOPHER  are known, it is safe to say,  the mother and possibly father were there in Mexico, however,  we are not sure when Gustava Juan CHEVEILLER and Marie Leda METOYER first arrived or departed Tampico Mexico or how are they related.  Marie Leda Metoyer carries the same surname as Auguste Dorestant METOYER, so could this also indicate a possible family connection.  But Gustave Juan Cheveiller, it is not known how he is related yet.

1850 Louisiana Census Index

What I have found as indicated in the above 1850 Louisiana census is that three of the four adults that were seen on the 1861 baptism record discovered in Tampico Mexico.  This indication that they were indeed living in Louisiana before they were found in Mexico.  We still don’t know what made them go there in the first place.  I have determined that Widow Leandre METOYER is (Seraphine Elina Cristophe) whose Husband Jean Baptist Leandre METOYER, died a few years earlier. Marie Leda Metoyer and Auguste METOYER are living in same household.  I have not determined who is Saul Rouge or how he fit in this family.  Another mystery.

1850 Louisiana Census
Gustave Chevalier

Another document discovered listed Gustave Chevelier as a 17 year old on the Louisiana 1850 census. I have found indication that Gustave J. Chevallier and Marie Leda Metoyer were Married: 31 May 1856 according reference: Marriage Records  Natchitoches Parish.   Also listed on the  1860 Louisiana was a Gustave Chevalier also listed see below.

1860 Louisiana Census
Gustave Chevailer

So as we see from the few documents above, we have discovered proof indicating those found listed as parents and godparent on Eusevio Marie Raould METOYER CRISTOPHE Baptism record  did in fact live in Louisiana,  yet with the  many pieces of information that have been found, I am still not sure what cause them to leave in the first place.  Maybe I can find a little historical context about the local political climate during the 1850”s in Louisiana that may help explain a few things.  Stay tuned 

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