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Marriage Records and 1850 Census Record Poses Interesting Mystery

1850 Louisiana Census
Marie Leda MEYOYER
Widow Leanore METOYER alias
Seferina Elina Cristophe

My research continues as I look for more clues and records that will prove my family's ancestral connection to a line of METOYERs.   Would you believe it,  I have come across yet another interesting mystery that is now presenting several new challenges.   First, I am trying to determine when and if the parents listed on a METOYER ancestor's baptismal record discovered in Tampico Mexico were married in Mexico, Louisiana or if they were married at all.  And secondly, how are those discovered on an 1850 Louisiana Census in New Orleans related to one and other?

Note:  I am highlighting Auguste METOYER and Seferina Elina Cristophe, to show information discovered that hopefully will tie the two together as part of my family tree. So far, what I currently have is a copy of the 1850 Louisiana census record and 1861 Baptismal record discovered in Tampico, Mexico.
Shown on the document above (the 1850 Louisiana Census record) are the same names that appear on a baptismal record found in Tampico Mexico in 1861.  One of the individuals shown on the 1850 census has added additional mystery which will require finding other documents to help clarify who was the the person listed as Widow Leanore Metoyer, age 33 years old.  As you will see later in this blog posting, I was able to determine that this was in fact, Seraphina Eline CRISTOPHE.
There were two others also listed: Marie Leda Metoyer, age 13  and Auguste Metoyer, age 30.  The 1850 census did not mention if the Widow Leanore Metoyer and Auguste Metoyer were married or whether the 13 year-old Marie Leda Metoyer was the daughter of the two adults.  The document did  prove that these three were indeed living in New Orleans as early as 23rd of August 1850 when this census was recorded.  I was not able to find a 1860 census that recorded them as still being in New Orleans. Therefore, I assume their departure for Mexico may have taken place before that census was taken.  According to the baptismal record,  Auguste Dorestant METOYER and Seferina Elina Cristophe’s son was born 5 Mar 1860 in Tampico, Mexico and baptized a year later, on 20 April 1861.    (A little side note: The civil war started 12 April 1861)
As I looked for other clues about the two adults mentioned in the 1850 census, I came across two marriage records that  helped  me to determine the previous spouses of both the Widow Leanore Metoyer,  Auguste Metoyer and his parents names Auguste METOYER, ( yes, another generation found).  See below.
The following was  recorded in the Natchitoches Church Marriages 1818-1850:  Translated abstracted from the Registers of St Francois des Natchitoches Louisiana, Mills. states
339                 Jean Baptist Leandre METOYER (s)
#25- 1836        Seraphin Elina Cristophe              (s)
                       3 November 1836
Groom: Minor and Legitimate son of Jean Baptist METOYER and Suzette ANTY.   Bride: Minor and legitimate daughter Firmen CHRISTOPE and Franoise MAYEUX.   All are free persons of color and residents of the Parish of Natchitoches.   Witnesses:  C.N. Roques (S)  J.B.L. Metoyer (S), Louis MOREN (F)  F. Conant (S) Firm CHRISTOPHE (s):  J. BTE METOYER,  Fils, Augustin (s) Priest FRANCAIS.
                       Auguste Dorestan METOYER (s)
                       Seraphine LLORENS  (X)
                       11 November 1841
Groom:  Major and Legitimate son of Pierre METOYER and Henriette CLOUTIER.   Bride: Minor and Legitimate daughther of Seraphin LLORENS and Aspasie METOYER.  Married at Isle Brevelle Chapel after disparsation from impediment of consagunity in third degree.  Witnesses:  N.P. METOYER (s), J. VALCOUR METOYER (s) Brd DAUPHINE (s); C.N. ROQUES fils (s):  J.L.METOYER (s)  F.C. CHRISTOPHE (S), Suzanne LLORENS(s), Arenine LLOREN (s)  PRIEST STEHLE.
As we see from the above marriage records, both Auguste Dorestant METOYER and Serephine Elina CRISTOPHE were previously married.  Also that the person listed as Widow Leanore Metoyer on the 1850 census in Louisiana was actually the spouse of  Jean Baptist Leandre METOYER.  It appeares that the person who indexed this record used an “o” instead of a “d” when recording information. 

I still have not determined when Jean Baptist Leandre METOYER died.  However, as we saw his spouse was listed as a widow by 1850 and was then living in the household with two other individuals who shared the same METOYER surname. There is still more that needs clarification here.
As for Auguste METOYER,  Interestingly, his spouse who is mentioned in the 1841 marriage abstract record has the same first name, SERAPHINA, as the mother mentioned on his son (Eusevio Marie Rauld METOYER CRISTOPHE's) baptismal record 1861 in Tampico, Mexico.  What this document has also provided me with is yet another generation and the name of Auguste ME'sTOYER's  parents,  Pierre METOYER, II and Henritte CLOUTIER.  I still have to find other documents which will help prove a few other concerns,  However, for now,  I believe what I have on these individuals are starting to tell an interesting story.  Stay tuned.   More to come later.

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