Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wonderful Discovery of 19th Century Photos of Great Grandparents

Georgiana LEGAUX and Charles Gratin MATHIEU
1876  - 1915                      1873 - 1939

       The information cousin Leonor shared with me from her line diagram showed the names of not only my grandmother and father (Nellie MATHIEU and Thomas PHILLIPS)  but my great grandparents- Charles Gratin MATHIEU and Georgiana LEGAUX.  This too was exciting because  Leonor also held in her collection of old photos,  a picture of my Great GrandParents.  Seeing my interes in wanting to learn more about the other generation beyond my Grandparents,  she give me the copy of their picture.  This picture of Charles confirmed another pencil drawing of him that was the only other one that I had in my collection.

      Charles Gratin MATHIEU, was the son of Francois MATHIEU and Rosette Philomene  D'ARENSBOURG born  in the year of 1873.  He was first discovered on the Louisiana Census record in the year of 1880 at the age of  7years, along with his other syblings  Etienne Alcese age 12 (1867- ?), Joseph Victor age 8 (1871-?), Marie Victoria age 8-  (1871-?) (Twins).   The family was located in 1st ward, St john the Baptist Parish of Louisiana.  the entire family were listed as Mulattos.

      In the year of 1895 June 26, we saw where Charles Gratin MATHIEU married Georgiana LEGAUX  in the Parish of St John the Baptist.  This information was listed on their Marriage papers.

      Charles wife Georgiana Legaux died  November 22, 1915 and  Charles Gratin MATHIEU died  May 10, 1939.

      With these pictures, I can now see back to three generations beyond.  Now I wish to know even more about the lives of these ancestors who have given me such a rich Creole heritage.


  1. I love finding cousins with photographs I don't have! Beautiful photograph. Beautiful people.

  2. Thanks Kristin, I have lots more to add to this blog that I started a few weeks ago. I decided to try sharing a few of my discoveries with the hope that it might inspire others. BTW, have you seen the PBS program about Agnes Mathieu? check it out on PBS.org and search for "the Galvez Papers". A rather interesting way to bring family history research to a wide viewing public. Enjoy.

  3. I watched the program after reading about it on your blog here. Very interesting. It must have been so exciting to see those documents! I look forward to reading your future blog entries.

  4. Yes indeed they are very exciting to see with my very own eyes too. What is equally as important is the fact that my ancestors are now known to have existed during the very early days of the founding and settling of New Orleans and in a few other cases Louisiana.

    My next blog entry will give more deals on that discovery, as I continue to gather the documents and piece together the puzzle of my ancestral lives in Colonial Louisiana.