Monday, August 30, 2010

Viewing Party At Parent's Home in New Orleans- Galvez Paper on PBS History Detectives

    Tonight members of my immediate family and a couple of cousins gathered at my parents home in New Orleans for the viewing of a segment on the PBS program, the History Detectives. We've waited nearly 4 months since I came down to New Orleans and participated in the filming of my ancestor's segment titled "The Galvez Papers."  A story about my 4th Generation Great Grandparents,  Agnes Mathieu and Mathieu Devaux dit Platillo.

        I must say, both my mom and I were pleased with the outcome, since we were there during the filming, to see the final cut.  The History Detectives star of my segment, Ms. Elyse Luray, her producer, film crew and support personnel did an outstanding job piecing together the information we were able to uncover about Agnes Mathieu's quest for freedom.  The story was beautifully told and has now given my family an interesting look into a relationship born out struggle, freedom and independence,  a beautiful legacy to be proud of. 

     Here are a few photos taken of whose who stopped by.  Maw- Maw prepared that traditional monday dish here in New Orleans, red bean and rice, fried chicken, salad and Ice Tea- yummy.  We had a grand ole traditional family gathering, dinner and with a little family history as a side dish. 

      Once again, thanks to all who took time out to view an interesting part of my Colonial Louisiana Creole family story.

Gathered here are Cousins (L to R)
 Janice, Gaynell, Paw-PAW and my sister
Jacqueline from Los Angeles 
Favorite Past time whenever 
the family gather, Red Beans and Rice
Fried Chicken, Yummy Dinner after Program
Maw maw,her two Neices, Gaynell, Me 
 Janice, and Cousin Herbert
Maw-Maw, My Sister Jackie two cousin, 
Gaynell, Janice,and Cousin Herbert

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  1. So thankful that we captured this moment. May you Rest in Peace Herbert. We love you family.