Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finding Ancestral Proof on Paper and in Stone

In 2007,  I visited  Montreal, Canada and found the city charming and in one particular area similar to that of the French Quarter of New Orleans which  was called the Place d'Armes (French for 'parade ground") which dates back to the 17th century.   There in the center stands a famous monument  dedicated to five of the early settlers of Montreal in 1642.   

Little did I know at that time, this monument would one day connect my earliest ancestors to what was then called New France.

As you can see from the photo above are four of the five persons credited with founding Montreal.  On top stand the Paul de Chomedey de Maisonneuve .

Jeanne Mance
Founder of Hotel Dieu Hospital

 The only female included in this group was a woman by the name of Jeanne Mance .  Her signature appears on my 8th generation great grandparents marriage record.


A native american (Iroquois)  is represented however there is no name.

Lambert CLosse
Then there is  Lambert Closse .  His signature appears on my 8th generation great grandparents  marriage record.

Charles Lemoyne
 The other male featured on this monument not seen in the  photo above is that of  Charles Lemoyne His signature appears on my 8th generation great grandparents  marriage record.

About a month ago, I finally received from the archives in Canada,  what is now my oldest family document, the marriage record of my 8th Generation Great Grandparents - Michel Messier and Anne Lemoyne who were married in Montreal, Quebec Canada  on  25 Feb 1658.   

What makes this document also interested are the signatures that appear on this record which also connects my ancestors to several of the founding members of Montreal, New France and also the family of the two founders of Louisiana and my home town of New Orleans.   

Now with the marriage record, I am able to document my ancestral lineage to some of the earliest settlers (founders) of both Montreal, Louisiana and New Orleans.

My 8th Generation Great Grandparents
Michel Messier and Anne LeMoyne
Marriage Record 
25 Feb 1658

Also what makes this marriage record so interesting is the fact that Anne Le Moyne is the sister to Charles LeMoyne pictured above of this marriage document.  Even more interesting is the fact that Charles LeMoyne, the brother of my 8th generation great grandmother Anne Lemoyne is also the father of  Pierre and Jean Baptiste LeMoyne  the founders of Louisiana 1699 and New Orleans 1718.

Jean Baptiste  Lemoyne  Bienville
Founder of
New Orleans

Note the  one descendant image in black stone below, it's me.

Jean Baptiste  Lemoyne  Bienville
Founder of
New Orleans


GOT PROOF! “Finding Ancestral Proof on Paper and in Stone” Michael N. Henderson Copyright 2013

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Three Signers of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia Honored with Stone Markers, Oct 9, 2012

Award Winning Georgia Society Sons of the
American Revolution
Color guard
(L-R) Compatriot  Michael N, Henderson, LCDR USN Ret.
President -
 Button Gwinnett Chapter,
 Compatriot Edward Rigel,

 Lyman Hall Chapter
 Compatriot William Dobbs, 

George Walton Chapter
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The Coastal Heritage Society held its annual Battlefield March to commemorate the 1779 Battle of Savannah this weekend.

Participants gathered at 7:15 a.m. in the parking lot of the Savanna Visitor's Center, and marched behind re-enactors to Battlefield Memorial Park. The route followed that of American and French soldiers who attacked British fortifications in the battle.

On October 9, 2012, many turned out to honor those who fought and died at the Battle of Savannah.  A brief ceremony took place on the battlefield, and included remarks by Coastal Heritage Society, a cannon salute from the 3rd Infantry Division salute battery and the placing of wreaths at the foot of the memorial.
Welcome and Introductions by Coast Heritage Society
Laying of Wreath by Various Lineage Societies
Afterwards,  a ceremony was held to honored the three signers of the Declaration of independence from Georgia, Button Gwinnett , George Walton and Lyman Hall with stone markers on Battlefield park in Savannah, Ga.
Compatriot N. Walker Chewning
Historical Sites and Celebration Committee,
Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution
Compatriot Bruce Maney,
North East Region Vice- President
Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution
Holds a Proclamation Signed by
Georgia Governor
Nathan Deal
Presentation of Proclamation signed
 Governor Nathan Deal
and presented to
the Coast Heritage Society of Georgia
Mr. Scott Smith

Compatriot   Michael N, Henderson, LCDR USN Ret.
 President -
 Button Gwinnett Chapter,
 Compatriot Edward Rigel, President - Lyman Hall
Compatriot William Dobbs,President - George Walton Chapter 
and the
World Class Georgia Society Sons of the
American Revolution 
Color guard
(L-to-R) Compatriots N. Walker Chewning, Michael N. Henderson,
Charlie Newcomer and Bruce Maney
Members of the Button Gwinnett Chapter SAR
onhand at Ceremony 
Compatriot   Michael N, Henderson, LCDR USN Ret.
 President -
 Button Gwinnett Chapter, Georgia Society Sons of the

American Revolution

 Later that morning I ventured over and visited Franklin Square to view another honored group of men  at the Haitian Memorial Monument.  While there, I was able to take a moment to remember the unselfish sacrifices for the cause of Liberty and Independence these men rendered to a country not theirs own.
"Chasseurs Volontaires"
Free men of color who
sailed from Saint Domingue


Learn more here: Savannah Under Attack 

Compatriot Michael Henderson
"A Living Memorial" and Descendant to
 four Louisiana Patriots of
the American Revolution
 As a descendant of American Revolutionary War Patriot, named Mathieu Devaux dit Platilla, who served in Spanish Colonial Louisiana under the Command of Governor General Bernardo de Galvez. I was honored when the Button Gwinnett Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution asked me to render honors by placing the wreath at a memorial, which honored those who fought and died at the Battle of Savannah, Ga October 9, 1779, 233 years ago.

It was great to also see on battlefield park, a stone marker.  Learn more here about: the Spanish Colonial Governor General, Bernardo De Galvez.

Stone Marker 
Button Gwinnett
Oct 9, 2012

Less than two weeks ago, I participated in a another Plaque unveiling ceremony for another Revolutionary War Patriot.  See here:  Galvez Plaque Unveiling in New Orleans, La 
While in Savannah, I visited the Old colonial park .

Entrance to Colonial Park
in Savannah, Ga.

Michael Nolden Henderson LCDR USN Retired
Button Gwinnett Chapter, Georgia Society SAR
A descendant of a patriot of the
American Revolution
Mathieu DEVAUX dit Platillo

    To learn more about my Louisiana Patriot of American Revolutionary War Mathieu DEVAUX dit Platillo, Click on his name.